How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

Clean carpet doesn’t just look good – it promotes indoor air quality, reduces health risks and extends the carpeting’s life as well. 

But for most people, the most basic question about carpet remains: How often should I clean it? 

The right way to think of carpet cleaning is periodic – something done on a regular schedule that can vary due to special conditions. For example, most homeowners should clean their carpet 1-2 times a year. 

Special conditions may call for more-frequent cleaning. Examples include:

EnvironmentNormal Cleaning CycleSpecial ConditionsCleaning Frequency
Day Care1 WeekEpidemicDaily
Nursing Home1 MonthHigh Humidity1 Week
Restaurant1 MonthDusty Outside1 Week
Schools3-6 MonthsDusty Outside1-2 Months
Residence8-12 MonthsChildren/Pets3-6 Months
Office Building8-12 MonthsGround Level3-6 Months

Residential Job #1

Residential Job #2

Residential Job #3

Residential Job #4

Commercial Job #1

Carpet can often be one of the first things a customer sees and possibly smells. You have already worked hard to gain their trust and have them come to your location for a visit don’t blow it with dirty or smelly carpets.  We want to help you impress your clients or customers by setting the stage with carpets that are clean and smell free.